1. Relax your quintessential & de –stress.

Every service falling under a luxury spa including a massage & body work greatly aid in relaxing. Merely sitting in a Jacuzzi , steam shower or sauna is immensely relaxing.

  1. Detox

In a city life like Singapore’s, everyday we encounter harmful toxins and fluids that along with the modern day corporate stress get our guard down in front of the man made illnesses. The big ones being type 2 diabetes & even cancer in some cases. Apart from these terminal illnesses are diseases that reduce the quality of our life i.e. anxiety/stress/depression.

Such toxins also lead to loss of energy, constipation & bloating.

The following treatments boost the detoxification of our body

  1. Improved circulation of blood

When your muscles are tensed or cramped they obstruct blood flow leading to symptoms of poor circulation like numbness. Get someone to massage you with

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Why this treatment

  1. Improved sleep patterns & breathing-

Applying heat during spa therapies causes muscles to release tensions.

Short periods of extreme heat create a stress response system.

With rise in temperature blood is re-routed and heart rate is increased causing a number of hormones to be secreted.

For instance Norepinephrine that is released from the sympathetic nervous system in response to stress. This hormone is secreted up to 4 times of normal level during a spa therapy involving heat related treatments.

  1. Pamper your mind & body –

Therapists are trained to relax your tensed and cramped up muscles by using unique strokes combined with pressure at the right points.

The feeling of relaxation & security causes hormones to flood the body. These hormones i.e. dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin (the feel good hormone) etc. calm & sedate the body. For example endorphins are linked with aromatherapy.