TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Award-winning treatment based on TCM Acupoint Massage principles and concepts

Primarily focused on manipulating the 12 meridians and acupoints, to prevent any blockages of the meridians that slows down the metabolic process, causing pain and connecting to many health problems

Uses all natural traditional Chinese herbal extracts in our Acupoint Massage, to smoothen the energy (Qi) flow along the meridians, helping to restore harmony and rejuvenation of the cells

Why TCM treatment ?

Acupressure therapy regulate and strengthen the spleen and stomach, boost the digestive system and relieve water retention to lose weight

Key results include the purging of toxins from the body, weight loss and anti-ageing effects. An overall improvement in well-being and vitality will also be visible.

Gua Sha Facial

Gua Sha special technique used in TCM treatment to stimulate nerves for detoxification and increase metabolism, improve blood circulation and cell renewal, improving on the overall health and skin’s immunity

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) technique is used  to improve skin’s immunity & rejuvenation

Why Gua Sha Facial treatment ?

Immediate skin lifting and detoxification with Gua Sha Hands-work

Customization of flora acid to cater for different skin’s needs and vitality of flower essence to revive skin

Pure Vitamins of various flora to target on skin’s issues such as whitening and anti-ageing